Mark Paskell 

Illusionist Mark Paskell will perform as the Master of Ceremonies, peppering the evening with humor and magic.  Enjoy an amazing night of mind-blowing feats that includes reading minds, making impossible predictions and changing thought energy into reality.   Forget “rabbit out of a hat”!  When Mark performs, prepare to experience brand-new wonder, amazement, surprises and laughter!  With one-of-kind illusions, unique props and tricks, Mark will perform mystifying  miracles right under guests noses ..Learn more about Mark at https://www.markpaskell.com/about


...consists of Hai Muradian, Patrick Naish and Martie Echito.  Rock and Roll from the 50's - 80's is performed acoustic-style, with an emphasis on vocal harmonies.  From high-energy tunes to romantic ballads, Dynamite Dawson is sure to bring back memories...and to create a few new ones.